My Thoughts on Apple’s iPhone 5C

Apple introduced not one, but two new phones at their official keynote speech in the USA on September 10. These are the iPhone 5S, a natural progression from the iPhone 5, and a brand new iPhone 5C – thus breaking their usual one new phone per year tradition.

Apple's new iPhone 5C. (Taken from "The Apple iPhone 5C" Facebook Page)

Apple’s new iPhone 5C. (Taken from “The Apple iPhone 5C” Facebook Page)

The iPhone 5C will be Apple’s middle-tier iPhone and completely replaces the iPhone 5. This is a radical move for Apple, because usually, they just introduce one new phone every year instead of two, while the older model still remains on sale as a cheaper alternative.

Here are some of my thoughts about Apple’s new iPhone 5C and how it can be improved.

Providing more eye-candy to the smartphone market

The iPhone 5C, as we all know, comes in a wide range of bright colours. These are green, pink, blue, white and yellow. In today’s smartphone market, phones usually come in traditional colours such as black, white or silver, save for a few odd exceptions like Samsung’s pink Galaxy S4.

So by introducing a colourful smartphone to the market, this may create a bit of a stir – especially with such a wide choice of colours to cater to many different personalities.

Apple could, however, improve this colour feature even more, by giving customers the option to easily change the colour of their iPhone backs, depending on the mood that they may be in.

How the iPhone 5C can be improved

While the iPhone 5C is an interesting new smartphone product by Apple, I think it is not a game-changing one. Indeed, there are some improvements that will make it even more attractive for prospective buyers.

Dual SIM capabilities

If Apple wants to use the iPhone 5C to break into markets such as India and China, where dual-SIM smartphones are a sought after feature, introducing this feature into the iPhone 5C will make buyers in these nations consider the phone seriously – instead of gravitating towards phones by local brands that already contain this feature.

LTE iPhone 5C

An iPhone 5C with LTE will make the iPhone 5C an even more attractive phone, especially in nations like India and China – where Apple hopes to penetrate. Smartphones with LTE are also taking off around the world, so Apple can definitely capitalise on the phase with such an iPhone too.

Make it truly a low budget phone

The iPhone 5C is apparently not as cheap as customers have expected it to be. For example, it will set you back from about SGD$800 without a contract.

Compared to the mid-range phones of other brands, such as the Samsung Galaxy Express, which costs about SGD$600 without contract, the new Apple iPhone is actually quite expensive. Those who want to upgrade to a new iPhone would definitely choose the premium iPhone 5S as a result, as it costs a mere SGD$140 more – for a more enhanced and higher quality phone.

So in this regard, it will not appeal to consumers who want to save some money and Apple may lose some prospective customers as a result.


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