Beat Candy Crush Dreamworld Saga Level 65

Level 65 is regarded as one of the tougher levels in the Candy Crush Dreamworld – the alternative reality world in the Candy Crush Saga game. It is a jelly level whereby players are required to remove all of the 65 jelly squares on the board within 45 moves, in order to successfully pass the level.

What are some tips to beat Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 65?

What are some tips to beat Candy Crush Dreamworld Level 65?

But Level 65 is not impossible. Here are a few tips to beat Level 65 of Candy Crush Dreamworld.

1) Do not let the chocolate win

In this level, it is very important that you do not let the multiplying chocolate overtake your board. You begin the level with six squares of chocolate and you must try to keep it in check, by eating at least one piece of chocolate every few moves. If you do not, it will multiply. And if you let the chocolate block the top row, which is where the candies are coming out from, your game is more or less over.

2) Do not let Odus fall

In Level 65, you need to match only seven candies equivalent to one of the two colours on the Moon Scale before Odus will fall off his perch. So be careful and keep an eye on the colours as well as the tilt of the scale. If Odus falls, your game is over, even though you might be on the verge of winning. So be careful with the colours that you are matching, in this level. This is especially so if you are creating special combinations.

3) Use the Moon Struck mode to your fullest

During the Moon Struck mode in Candy Crush Dreamworld Saga, this is the only time when you can use your special candy combos, without worrying that the effects of the special candy combo will make Odus fall off his perch. Moon Struck for Level 65 will happen twice throughout your game and lasts for four moves each time so there should be enough of an opportunity for you to make the most of it. Think of this as the time when you will be able to remove most of the jellies from the board – and successfully pass this difficult level.

4) Luck

To some extent, this level also requires some degree of luck, in addition to good tactics, especially with some jelly squares located in awkward positions that are pretty hard to reach. So you may need to ride your luck at times, to beat this level.

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