How to Beat Hard Level 191 of Candy Crush Saga

Level 191 is a jelly level in the Candy Crush Saga that requires you to collect 170,000 points and clear exactly 77 jelly squares at the same time. These are double jelly squares too, so this makes the level even more tricky as a result.

How can you beat Candy Crush Level 191? (Taken from Candy-Crush-Wikia)

How can you beat Candy Crush Level 191? (Taken from Candy-Crush-Wikia)

Many players of Candy Crush Saga tend to fail this hard level mainly because of the three locked bombs that are at the very bottom of the screen. Moreover, in order to reach to those bombs, you have to break multi-layer meringue cupcakes unless you can strike it lucky with a striped candy – several times, because the bombs are, in fact, locked.

But if you have the right strategy, Level 191 is not impossible and you will be able to conquer it. Here are some useful tips on how you can beat this level.

Try and unlock the special candy and let them fall close to the bombs

Besides the bombs, you should have also noticed the special candies – two wrapped ones and one striped one – encased within marmalade. Try and unlock these special candies but at the same time, try and be careful that you do not activate them before they fall close to the bombs before they are activated.

You will be able to clear the bombs much more easily, if you are able to use these special candies to activate them. Otherwise the bombs will probably mean the end of your game.

Sometimes if you are unlucky, these candies may be activated prematurely when the candies fall down from the top of the screen so there is nothing much that you can do about this.

Try and create vertical striped candies

Vertical striped candies will be very useful in Level 191 because they will be able to create vertical line blasts to clear a layer off from the bombs, if you ensure that they are positioned in the direct line of fire to the bombs because you activate them.

But if you are not able to create a vertical striped candy, try and create two horizontal striped candies. This will produce a horizontal and a vertical line blast that can also help to clear the bombs at the bottom of the screen.

Colour Bomb and Striped Candy Combination

This is also a useful combination at Level 191, providing you are able to create it quite early in the game, before the bombs get activated. This is because when these two types of special candies are combined, they will blast away a large chunk of the game board in a single move. As a result, you may even be able to clear the bombs within just a few moves. And this will greatly enhance your chances of being able to beat this relatively tough level.

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  • Denise M Schuster says:

    Even as I’ve come across several levels I thought I would never beat I just refused to give up. Well determination pays off. I was determined not to give up and as sure as the sun rises everyday I eventually beat the level even if it took 2 or 3 days. That’s exactly how I’m going to handle level 191. It’s only a game anyway so what else are you going to do?

  • tanuja says:

    unable to clear level 191 very frustrating.

  • BarryThanks A says:

    `This level has totally turned me off of Candy Crush. I agree with previous comments that once you figure out the system it shuts you down. When i can get the wrapped candies to drop correctly it suddenly runs out of possible matches and replaces the wrapped candies in areas they do not help. I am done.

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