How To Play Candy Crush Saga Game

It can be extremely frustrating in the Candy Crush Saga game to be stuck on a single level for days or even weeks. But have you ever thought that perhaps you’re approaching the level in the wrong way? Perhaps your strategy is wrong, or you are not thinking properly when you are playing.


Here are some useful tips to help you get ahead in Candy Crush Saga.

Think about your moves

As long as the level isn’t a timed one, you should think about your move. Do not simply make the first move that you see because it may not be a good move. If you take the trouble to analyse the board properly and think through before you start swapping the candies around, there may be a much more useful move that you could have missed in your haste to quickly finish the level as fast as possible.

Create special sweets

wrapped sweets

Wrapped Candies

Even though the level might not call for a special sweet to be created, you should still try and create special sweets whenever you can. Do not just satisfy yourself by clearing three candies each time if you can do more than that.

For jelly levels, making special sweets can be very useful, because they can clear large chunks of the jelly and chocolate, and wouldn’t you prefer to clear an entire row of candies and jelly, instead of just three jellies? As a result of creating such special sweets and combos, you may even be able to clear the level faster than you thought you could.

So whenever you see the chance to swap four or five candies in a row, just grab it.

Do not swap your special sweets at the first opportunity

When you have special sweets on the board, do not simply swap them at the first chance you get. Try to save them up to create combos, even though this may not be a requirement of the level you are currently clearing.

For example, if you have a striped candy, it can only clear a single line of candies by itself. But on the other hand, if you swap it with a wrapped candy, you’ll be able to clear three horizontal and three vertical lines of candy – which makes it even more powerful.

As well, if you are able to swap a colour bomb (made when you swap five candies in a row), with a striped candy, the powers are extraordinary, because all of the candies bearing the colour of the striped candy will turn into striped candies and then simultaneously explode. This clears huge amounts of the board.

So whenever you have a special candy, try and hold on to it and see if you are able to create more special candies to get a real explosive effect.

Play the lowest move

If you see two or three moves on the board, try to play the move that is the lowest down on the board, because this may lead to cascades above. This is because a move lower on the board will result in all the candies above moving downwards and more moves may be created as a result. You may even get a bonus, because such cascades may even lead to special sweets, such as a striped candy or a colour bomb, being formed – and this is certainly to your advantage.




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