How To Still Get and Download Flappy Bird Game: For Apple iOS

Click here to download Flappy Bird for Android devices.

Since my last post on Flappy Bird, there have been many queries on how to still get and download the game for Apple devices – so this post is for Apple fans.

Find out how you can download Flappy Bird Game. (Taken from

Find out how you can download Flappy Bird Game. (Taken from

Compared to Android devices – after it was removed from the official App Store – it is much harder to still get and download the Flappy Bird game on iOS. This is because of the closed-source and restrictive nature of the iOS ecosystem, compared to the open-source Android platform.

If you own an iPhone or iPad though, you can still get and download Flappy Bird.

Log into the iTunes account of a relative or friend

If you have never downloaded the Flappy Bird game from the Apple App Store, you may simply ask a relative or friend, who already has Flappy Bird on his or her Apple device, to log into your iPhone or iPad using his or her iTunes account. Then you can use the Apple iCloud feature to download Flappy Bird from this person’s account.

This is possible, because even though the game has officially been taken down from the Apple App Store, it is actually stored inside the iCloud for accounts that had already downloaded Flappy Bird – before it was removed.

However, it may get a little tricky if you wish to update the Flappy Bird app or to restore the game to your iPhone or iPad – using a friend’s iTunes account. This is because the particular app has been downloaded using his or her iTunes account, so you will need your friend’s email address and password to update or re-download Flappy Bird game.

*If you have downloaded Flappy Bird in the past though, you may simply log into your own iTunes account and retrieve it again from iCloud.

Download a Flappy Bird clone

If you do not wish to go through the trouble of pestering your friend or relative to help you get the original Flappy Bird game, you can make use of some of the clones that are available in the App Store.

Some of the more popular Flappy Bird clones include:

  • Splashy Fish, which substitutes the original bird avatar for a fish and sets the game underwater instead of in the sky, but the gameplay is almost similar to the original Flappy Bird game
  • Flying Cyrus – Wrecking Ball, which uses similar gameplay to Flappy Bird, but substitutes the bird avatar for Miley Cyrus’ head, of all things
  • Click here for other Flappy Bird clones available from the Apple App Store

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  • Dave Ripley says:

    There are still quite a few places you can get Flappy Bird although a lot of them have ADs or ask you to fill out a survey! I found one site at where you can get the Android version for free and there aren’t any stupid ADs or surveys, it’s actually where I managed to get my copy from and it doesn’t have any viruses or malware in it, scanned the damn file myself as I am that cautious also! Enjoy! 🙂

  • Nick Roger says:

    Funny as it may sound there is a pretty good clone on the app store called “Flappy Cock”. Give it a try.

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