S5 Samsung Galaxy Rumours and Predictions

The S5 Samsung Galaxy will probably be released tomorrow. (Taken from Techradar.com)

The S5 Samsung Galaxy will probably be released tomorrow. (Taken from Techradar.com)

The next flagship instalment to Samsung’s Galaxy S series is likely to come out tomorrow. And as a result, the rumour mill is abuzz with predictions on what the phone would look like and the features that it is likely to pack in.

Based on internet rumours, here is a brief glance at some of the most talked-about features that the S5 Samsung Galaxy is likely to have.

Made of metal and not plastic

Currently, the Samsung phones are either loved or loathed by consumers for their cheap-looking plastic exterior.

However, it has been rumoured that this plastic coating is going to be ditched in the Galaxy S5 for a higher quality metallic body.

Such a change to the outer appearance of the phone is definitely well and truly overdue – so that it will actually look like the expensive high-end phone that it is – rather than appearing like a child’s plastic plaything.

Better Battery Life

Compared to other competitors, the Samsung phones are seriously lacking in terms of their battery life and a new phone currently is not likely to last to the end of the day on a single charge.

However, this is to change in the Galaxy S5 – with the phone’s batteries receiving a significant upgrade. They are touted to contain enough power to last more than two days on a single charge.

If this is true, then it will definitely be a very welcome improvement for users, who rely mainly on their phones for almost everything.

Fingerprint Scanner

The Touch ID fingerprint scanner was first seen in the iPhone 5S to add an extra security blanket to the phone.

Now there are rumours that Samsung may be introducing a similar feature in the Galaxy S5. Just like in Apple’s latest phone, the fingerprint scanner will be positioned on the home button and fingerprints may be able to not only unlock the phone, but also open apps and so on.

Camera Improvement

The Samsung rumour mill also says that the Galaxy S5 will have a 16-megapixel camera, which is an improvement over the current 13-megapixel one that the Galaxy S4 possesses.

However, I wonder whether improvements will also be made to other aspects of the camera, or just the megapixels.

For example, the Apple iPhone 5S has an 8-megapixel camera, but I think that it is far superior to the 13-megapixel one contained in Samsung’s Galaxy S4, because it has a much faster shutter speed and a better low-light sensor.

So unless Samsung also improves features such as these, then simply introducing a 16-megapixel camera into their latest flagship phone is nothing to boast about.

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