Sony’s New Cyber Shot RX100IV and RX10II Cameras


Before you buy your Cyber Shot Sony RX100IV, please be aware that the retractable lens of Cyber Shot Sony RX100IV is neither sweat-resistance nor water-resistance. So it is NOT suitable to carry with you for your training, competitive runs or performing other sweaty sports. The sweat can easily deposit on the lens barrel and corrode the electronics in the camera when it is switched off – this will void your Sony warranty programme.   


Everyone waited with bated breath and full of expectations. At the same time, the sound of jovial chatter in the room was silenced.

Over at the photo studio, a model was posing with a yellow coloured water balloon. Another was holding a large stick and was all poised to poke the balloon.

The Sony RX100IV camera. Photo by:

The Sony RX100IV camera shots images never thought possible
Photo by:

And about five or six Sony RX100IV cameras were all primed and ready – pointing directly at the model with the balloon.

As the stick moved towards the yellow water balloon, all ready to pop it, the only sound that could be heard, was the incessant clicking of cameras.

A model holds a water balloon with a Sony RX100IV pointing at it.

A model holds a water balloon with a Sony RX100IV pointing at it for never before taken images. This is the scene that we shot.

Within seconds, the entire drama at the Sony camera launch was over and the yellow balloon had burst. The cameras all stopped clicking and the photographers looked through the magnificent photos that they had taken. The cameras had allowed us to capture images that we thought were not possible previously.

No ordinary camera

But the Sony Cyber Shot RX100IV is no ordinary compact digital camera. Rather, it is one of the most advanced, versatile Cyber Shot cameras – and offer several intriguing features. Two of the most impressive features that the camera is, has an extremely high frame rate of 960 frames per seconds and a whopping shutter speed of 1/32,000 seconds.

Just one of the amazing images by the Sony Cyber Shot RX100IV.

Just one of the amazing unedited images by the Sony Cyber Shot RX100IV.

Sony RX10II DSLR was also launched at the event

Besides the Cyber Shot RX100IV, the other camera that was being launched at the event, was the Sony RX10II DSLR camera, which also offers similar features.

Said Dai Tanaka, General Manager, Digital Imaging Division, Sony Electronics Asia Pacific, “The new RX100IV and RX10II models make a strong statement for Sony as they break through all existing boundaries of compact camera and will allow professionals, hobbyists and enthusiasts to capture images and videos that they never before thought were possible.”

Another amazing image of the water balloon.

Another amazing unedited image of the yellow water balloon.

Main technology present in the cameras

The main technology present, to ensure the “superhuman-like” abilities in the camera, is the “Stacked CMOS Sensor” technology in the camera. So the light receptors are located by themselves on top inside the camera, while the circuit is underneath. Most CMOS sensors in the market are located at the same level, so this change allows for larger and more sensitive pixels.

Users will now be able to record super-slow slow-motion video of up to 40 times slower than the standard rate, thus capturing and replaying fleeting moments of action with incredible detail, resolution and clarity.

Said Esther Koh, 30, product manager for Sony Singapore, “It is purely because of the new sensor that we are able to achieve such features. Sony always prides our digital innovation at the forefront, and our sensor technology is way more advanced than anything else that’s currently available in the digital camera market today.”

Raw Unedited Video footage shot by Sony’s Cyber Shot RX100IV

Raw Unedited Video footage shot by an ordinary camera.

Added Kimono Maki, Senior General Manager of Digital Imaging Business Group for Sony Corporation, “We have made it possible for everyday customers to enjoy a professional imaging experience with the two new cameras. With the power of the first 1.0-type Stacked CMOS sensor packed into a compact, portable body, these new cameras bring the excitement and creativity of high frame rate shooting, 4K recording and a variety of other pro-quality features to a whole new audience.”

Other features of the two cameras

Other features that both camera models also offer, include high precision direct 4K movie recording – meaning that they have the ability to shoot very high quality videos without too much external noise to drown out the essence of the video.

In addition, the Sony RX10II DSLR offers versatility in design and high-speed AutoFocus abilities – meaning that the camera can detect a moving subject in a mere 0.09 seconds and is then able to recognise and lock in the subject with a simple half-press of the shutter button, much more efficiently than other previous models.

Targeting photo enthusiasts

Sony is targeting photo enthusiasts and hobbyists with their new cameras. Said Koh, “The  Cyber Shot RX100IV compact camera will be for everyday users and those who are familiar with photography but do not want to compromise on the quality of their photos. It would also be the perfect camera for photographers who do not want to travel with a lot of lenses because this is a very light camera that offers similar quality to a typical DSLR camera. But the Sony RX10II DSLR is targeted at DSLR users who are looking for a second camera.”

The Sony RX10II DSLR. Photo by:

The Sony RX10II DSLR has similar features to the RX100IV camera.
Photo by:

Pricing and availability 

The Cyber Shot RX100IV is currently available for pre-order at Sony stores, Sony centres and selected authorised Sony retailers. All pre-orders will come with a leather carrying case (LCS0RXG) and a 64GB high speed SD card.

From 16 July 2015, the Sony Cyber Shot RX100IV will be available for purchase at all Sony stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers at a recommended retail price of SGD1,399.

The Sony DSLR RX10II can be bought from 30 July 2015, at all Sony stores, Sony Centres and selected Sony authorised dealers at a recommended retail price of SGD1,899.


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