Where To Find Pokemon in Singapore?

For the past few days, Singapore has been gripped with Pokemon fever. This is because the Pokemon Go app was released in Singapore last weekend, and many from all walks of life have, since then, been hunting for these pocket monsters all over Singapore.

If you want to catch Pokemon easily, here are a few places that you should check out.

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ION ORCHARD is now one of the hottest Pokemon hotspots in Singapore.

ION ORCHARD has become one of the hottest Pokemon hotspots in Singapore.


Home to several PokeStops, the ION Orchard management has been quick to capitalise on the popularly of Pokemon Go… by releasing lures to bring players to the mall and hopefully to frequent the shops as well.

ION Orchard management will be continuing to release lures till 21 August so if you have not yet paid the mall a visit, do head down quickly. Psst. And if you are still looking for an Eevee to catch, you may be lucky too, because I managed to catch one there.


Players who are fortunate to stay in the Western part of Singapore have reported an unusually high concentration of PokeGyms and PokeStops within the scenic Gardens there.

And based on online reports, the Chinese Gardens and the Japanese Gardens which are next door, contain at least three gyms and more than 20 PokeStops. So why not head down here for a run or a walk if you are free, and double up by catching some Pokemon at the same time?


If you want a quick getaway from the mainland, Pulau Ubin is a great place to visit. At the same time, Pulau Ubin is home to plenty of PokeStops and gyms.

So this will be an added reason for you to hop onto a ferry and head down there… to take in the scenery and tranquility of the idyllic island paradise… and at the same time, to catch some Pokemon.


This heartland area is home to an iconic children’s playground – that is shaped like a dragon and has been around since 1985. As one of Singapore’s last remaining old school type playgrounds, it has left a mark on generations who have played there as children.

Now with the release of the Pokemon Go app in Singapore, the dragon playground has become a popular PokeGym and so more people have been crowding around it these days, whilst glued to their smartphones.


Yishun Park is another location that is full of PokeStops, to be exact, four within  very short distances apart.

This means that trainers can catch Pokemon and constantly replenish their PokeBalls without the need to walk very far. It will definitely appeal to lazier Pokemon trainers.

The Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens is another Pokemon hotspot now.

The Cloud Forest in Gardens by the Bay. The Gardens is another Pokemon hotspot now.


If you have been putting off planning a trip to the Gardens by the Bay, here is a new reason to do so.

The Gardens are home to more than 70 PokeStops and four gyms according to Pokemon Go Map. Most of these appear to be near to the Flower Dome and the Cloud Forest.

So if you are getting bored looking at the flowers at the Gardens, then you can always turn to your phone to catch a Pokemon or replenish your PokeBall supply.


If you have not yet checked out Sentosa, then Singapore’s “State of Fun” may be a great place to go to catch Pokemon.

This is because according to Resorts World Sentosa, less common Pokemon such as Starmie, Ponyta and Rhyhorn are lurking around their resorts. So if you have yet to add these to your collection, Sentosa may be worth looking at.

PokeGyms and PokeStops are also abundant on the island according to the Sentosa management. For example, there are four gyms across the island and these are located at the:

  • Merlion
  • Siloso Fountains
  • Southern Most Point of Asia and the
  • Bridge to Palawan Island

There are also many more gyms at the Universal Studios and at Harbourfront, the gateway to Sentosa.


If you are on the hunt of a certain Pokemon to complete your collection, then you may be in luck. Pokemon Nests are specific places where the same type of Pokemon tends to continuously spawn.

According to Pokemon Go users in Singapore, they have reported in online forums about large concentrations of specific Pokemon in certain areas of Singapore.

Pokemon Nests in Singapore. [Source: Kiss 92 FM]

Pokemon Nests in Singapore.
[Source: Kiss 92 FM]

For example, some of these clusters include:

  • Pikachu clusters at Changi Beach
  • Eevees at Tampines West and Punggol
  • Magikarp at Lorong Chuan
  • Dratini at VivoCity

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So for example if you are looking for ways to get that insane 400 candies to evolve a Magikarp why not head onto Lorong Chuan and you may then be able to hit your target?

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Thanks Joel Davis for some of the suggestions.

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