Tips and Strategy on How to Beat Hard Level 182 in the Candy Crush Saga

The timed levels of Candy Crush Saga usually don’t pose much of a problem – until you reach Level 182. This one is probably the worst, and most challenging of the timed levels, in the entire Candy Crush Saga game.

Level 182.

Level 182

Understanding Level 182

One of the main reasons why this level is so hard is because more than one element is fighting for your attention.

For a start, there is the pesky chocolate at the bottom right quadrant. If you do not clear this in the first few moves, it will multiply like the plague and completely mess up your game. (Click here for more tips on how to stop chocolate).

The second obstacle in this level is those 10-move bombs. You have to get rid of them within 10 moves – otherwise they will explode in your face and you will fail – no matter how well you may have been performing at this level.

Then thirdly, there is the timer that you must contend with. For many people, they get panicky and nervous when they see a timer and are unable to think properly, because with every second that they delay, they know that the time is slowly running out.

So with plenty of challenges, how do you beat Level 182? If you have come unstuck at this level, here are some useful tips on how to beat it.

Tackle the Chocolate First

As soon as you begin the level, you should tackle the chocolate first. There are two squares of chocolate at the bottom right quadrant. If you don’t get rid of it, it will multiply – no matter how many good moves there are, in the other sections of the board.

So you should scan the whole board for a way to get rid of the chocolate, otherwise you will soon see your entire game engulfed in this gooey, brown substance, thus rendering practically a quarter of the game board almost unplayable.

The good thing about this chocolate is that they are chocolate squares, and not chocolate factories, so when you eliminate them, they will not return to haunt you again.

Keep an Eye on the Bombs

Those bombs can spring up anywhere on your board. So you should make sure that you look out for them constantly throughout the game – and eliminate these whenever you are able to. The last thing you want is to be going swimmingly well and on track to making the 40,000 points required for passing the level – then suddenly a bomb comes along and destroys your game completely.

Break Up the Meringue Cupcakes

In order to truly get the cascading effect to increase your points total when you form a match on the bottom right hand side of the screen, you should try and destroy the irritating meringue cupcakes. It is because these are blocking the cascades from taking place – thus reducing your number of total points.

In fact, the points won from a single candy cascade or two could be the difference between failing or succeeding at this level when the timer ticks down to zero.

Match as Many +5 Candies as Possible

Try and look out for the candies that are marked +5. These are the ones that will give you an extra five seconds on the timer when you are able to match them. They appear randomly on the screen, and getting those extra five seconds can mean the difference between success and failure at this level.

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  • Eugene Rhodes says:

    I was eventually successful with a +- of over 100.
    (1) Clear chocolates
    (2) Clear bombs
    (3) Clear at least 1 blocker in quad 2
    (4) Most important. Once you have quad 3 and 4 being replenished, concentrate on quad 3 and 4 and hope for a lot of +5’s.

    With luck you will reach step 4 about 25% of time.

  • Alicia Colombo says:

    The section about bombs is wrong for level 182. The only time bombs appear in this level is at the beginning. You’ll start each game with 4 timed bombs in the the top left quadrant, just like the picture. If you’re lucky, you’ll get two of the same color bombs next to each other, so they can be removed quickly without ending your game or eating up too much time.

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