This Running Gear can track your runs using GPS

United States based activewear brand, April Activewear, has come up with revolutionary fitness gear that is set to completely turn the fitness industry on its head.

This is because their new sports gear can track your outdoor workouts using GPS signals. And for those who prefer to work out in the gym, there is also a feature that can be toggled, in order to seamlessly track indoor workouts such as your treadmill runs or stationary bike rides.

April Activewear’s new running clothes can track your workouts via GPS.

Said April Foo, 35, the founder of April ActiveWear, “We hope that our new line of GPS enabled workout gear will revolutionise the fitness industry. Nowadays people need to wear bulky watches or carry heavy smartphones to track their outdoor workouts. But with our gear, I am happy to announce that they will no longer need to.”

Contains revolutionary MixiChip® GPS chips to connect to satellites

April Activewear’s new tee shirts and shorts contain revolutionary MixiChip® GPS chips that are able to seamlessly connect to satellites to pick up the GPS signals. These special chips are also solar/lunar powered so that you don’t need to keep on charging up your running clothes. Simply put your clothes under the sun or moon for at least two hours prior to your workout, to charge up the power fully.

The battery life, according to April Activewear, lasts for up to eight hours of continuous workout. But if you are working out under the sun or a full moon, the chips will automatically recharge by itself as the clothes are being used.

And to conserve power, too, you can easily toggle the on/off switch that is neatly hidden within the clothes. On standby, the battery in the clothes can last up to six months.

Added April, “Our patented MixiChip® technology is like none other. You really need to try it in order to understand more. This technology has been three years in the making and we are glad that we have finally perfected it.”

Looks and feels like any other sports gear

And at the same time, their new line-up of products also looks and feels like any other sports gear, complete with the company’s TextLite® moisture wicking materials so that you continue to feel dry as you are working out.

Full time Fitness blogger Jane Doe, 26, is one of April Activewear’s ambassadors and she was one of the first Singaporeans to try out the new line of GPS-enabled clothes.

April Activewear products look and feel like any other sports gear.

Impressed by April Activewear’s new line-up of sports clothes

Said Jane on the products, “I am impressed with April Activewear’s GPS clothes. At first I thought the idea was quite weird and I didn’t really know what to expect, but when I wore them the other day on a 5km test run, I was completely blown away.”

She added, “The GPS signals are really accurate and the readings were only 100m off from my Garmin watch. At the same time, the clothes really do feel like any other running gear that I have worn. I could not feel any difference as they are really light and the moisture wicking capabilities are great. I will definitely be wearing these clothes all the time, now. I think that they will definitely change the fitness industry in the future.”

Upload your runs easily

To upload runs or workouts tracked with April Activewear’s clothes, you simply need to download the April Activewear app, and your workouts will automatically sync to your phone using BlueTooth technology that is inbuilt within the clothes. The app is a free download on the Apple and Android app stores.

Said Jane, “I was amazed by how easily and seamlessly the April Activewear clothes function together with the app.”

The April Activewear app can also be easily synced to most other popular running apps such as RunKeeper and Strava as well, through toggling a few simple settings within the app. So you will not be losing out on anything.

After your run, you can easily upload your data on the free April Activewear app.

And if you want to show off your latest workouts to your friends, you can automatically upload your workouts to Facebook as well.

Prices and Availability 

The April Activewear’s GPS enabled clothing range will set you back from $50 for a tank top and roughly $40 for a pair of shorts.

April Activewear’s GPS enabled clothing will be available at Singapore stores from 31 April 2017, onwards.

For more information about April Activewear and their products, go to this link.

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